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WIPv2-Shodai Hokage-Naruto by RhyssaFireheart WIPv2-Shodai Hokage-Naruto by RhyssaFireheart
An update to my WIP - Shodai Hokage from Naruto, cover of chapter 158.

Left side showing with lineart, right side without. I'm planning on not needing the lineart once I'm finished though, I have it there for reference, of course.

I've completed the clothing (not sure if I like it how vague-looking it is), completed the armor (which I -am- pleased with) and did the headband, sandals and leg wraps tonight. I've punched up the skin tone somewhat (multiply + opacity is goodness) since I thought he was looking too pale.

I still haven't touched the hair yet. I think I'm afraid to since hair is one of my weakest points. I have an idea of how I might do it, but I'm still not ready.

Ground color is in, and the cloud render is going to be worked into the grass more, but I think those will be the basic colors. The side with the lineart ends up looking paler because of the white overlaying the image (my multiply ends up all lined out when I use multiply + opacity for some reason). The background is going to be complicated because of the detail in there.

Currently about five or so hours over three evenings. I'm taking my time on this one.

Photoshop 7.0 and Wacom tablet.

Naruto and characters (c) Masashi Kishimoto.
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